Grow Some Good

Grow Some Good is the 501 c(3) fiscal sponsor for South Maui Volunteers.  We come under their banner so that tax-deductible donations may be made to South Maui Volunteers.   As our fiscal sponsor, they also handle the reimbursement payments for program supplies, thus ensuring that the funds entrusted to South Maui Volunteers are properly managed and given oversight.  We excited and grateful that Grow Some Good is willing to play this very important role.   

Paypal or credit card donations to South Maui Volunteers are made through our fiscal sponsor, Grow Some Good.  You may use the following button to make a donation to either South Maui Volunteers or directly to Grow Some Good, supporting their excellent program.      The button will direct you to an external webpage where you can indicate your donation amount and select whether your donation should apply toward South Maui Volunteers or Grow Some Good (please use the drop-down menu to select). 




Grow Some Good Mission statement: Grow Some Good cultivates healthier communities by strengthening local agriculture and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. 


Grow Some Good provides students with hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that connect students to their food sources and inspire better nutrition choices. Our programs are designed to grow more than just school gardens; we grow healthier and more sustainable communities by creating affordable access to local produce and educating students, their families, and the greater community on practices that improve nutrition, health, and fitness. We help students become better stewards of the land through learning ecology, natural growing process, the importance of native plants, and how natural processes affect environmental changes that we are seeing today.


Our Impact: This year, Grow Some Good (GSG) merged with Maui School Garden Network (now called Maui Farm to School Network) adding to our organizational strengths, creating system-wide synergies, improving our effectiveness, and ultimately improving our garden programs.

In all, we engage with 35 active school garden programs on Maui and Lanai.  We started 10 years ago in South Maui.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive educational programs, which include supporting the schools in the hiring and training of garden educators; managing and maintaining garden space to ensure that it is healthy and safe for participants; providing garden curriculum, and tracking overall program outcomes.

We welcome volunteers and donations to our program.  For more information, please visit our webpage:

Mahalo for your support!