• Lis Richardson

Clearing Dune Wetland Areas

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

What are we doing at both Kamaole 1 and 2 in the naupaka that is between the main dune system and the secondary dunes near our park boarders? Basically this area at both parks has been a drainage area that serve as a settling pool from inland floods we experience via floodwaters from South Kihei Rd. These wetland areas have been unserviceable and overgrown with vegetation. We are systematically thinning out the naupaka and making room for the beach vines to return. Additionally we are removing the dead vegetative waste that has accumulated in these low areas over the years. John Buck mentioned that these areas were probably last cleaned out well over 20 years ago. (John was the Parks Supervisor in South during much of the 1980’s.) They are important back-dune areas since they capture and settle flood waters prior to their entering the ocean. We very much appreciate all of the hard work to get these important areas back in shape.