• Lis Richardson

Park Amenities Prevent Erosion

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Why are we concerned about the park benches?

We feel strongly that if you can install and maintain park amenities like benches and picnic tables, sidewalks, pathways, board walks, and even bike racks, the public will use them and use the dunes less as a place to sit and watch sunset or a place to stash their bike while they are enjoying the beach. The amenities take pressure off of the dunes. Also, with quality beach-to-park trails the public won’t be as likely to cut across dunes, encouraging erosion.

Why doesn’t the Parks Dept. share our concern and do this work as a part of their regular maintenance?

The Parks Dept. does share our concerns, in fact they point the way for us with many of these issues, but their kuleana is focused mostly on park maintenance and they just don’t have the manpower to target the issues that often our group can handle. Our group attitude has always been—if the goal is for our beaches and dunes in South Maui to stay world class, a group like ours is going to have to work with the UH Sea Grant and the Maui County Parks Dept. to help with that effort.