• Lis Richardson

Erosion Mitigation Varies as Needed

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

In the Kamaole III trail shown in the photo above, several sets of wooden double-steps were replaced during the last Monday workday after a massive Park irrigation leak washed out the trail.

Each of the 30 beach trail locations we maintain vary significantly and because of those differences we find ourselves using a variety of techniques to solve erosion problems at the different locations. In high traffic areas, or areas with ADA access issues, we use actual wooden dune walkovers over the sand. On other less used trails we use various containment blocks or steps to control the eroding sand and help contain it on the trail. It mostly depends on the slope of the trail and the angle that the trade winds hit the trail entry. On the trails we will be working on at Kamaole 1, for instance, we have to trim back the native vines regularly to maintain safe pathways, but erosion is no longer a factor. The trails are relatively flat and we have already oriented the pathways to discourage sand blow-outs.