• Lis Richardson

Found a Seabird?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

At the end of November and for about two weeks, fledgling seabirds are flying out to sea from their coastal colonies. They may be misguided by lights on land and find themselves stranded with no easy way to recover. The birds are often unable to launch from a downed position and need expert help. Jay Penniman of the Seabird Recovery team mentioned that they often have 10 or more birds they are rescuing every day during this season. The most important information to know is the phone number to call, 573-BIRD.

If you find a stranded or downed seabird, get a vented box ready with an old towel in the bottom. Pick up the bird with gloves on... they do have a spike on their bill to help enable them to catch small fish in the ocean, but it can definitely draw blood or hurt should you pull back a bare hand from a frightened bird who may lounge at its 'attacker'. Do not offer food or water. Call 808-573-BIRD and someone will come to launch the bird.

To learn more, including how to identify which seabird you may have found, please visit: www.mauinuiseabirds.org. Thank you for caring and for helping to rescue stranded or downed seabirds!

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