• Lis Richardson

Honorarium Park Bench Program

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Concerning our Park Bench Program.....

Currently, we have already installed all of the benches the Parks Dept. has allowed at this time.

However, there are two benches which are designated 'shared benches', allowing up to six plaques per bench. Each plaque will be installed on the bench back in its own space. The benches are side by side and located near the ADA ramp at Kamaole III Beach Park, overlooking the beach and ocean. The photo below shows the designated benches.

Q. How do I order?

A. After confirming availability, the donor chooses the wording and any clipart for a personalized engraved 2-1/2 by 5 inch stainless steel plaque that will be attached to the bench back.

Q. What are the funds used for?

A. Proceeds from the $350 bench plaque project donation will be used to offset the price of the bench, installation costs, and for the charge for the plaque and engraving. Any excess proceeds will support the ongoing projects and efforts of South Maui Volunteers.

Q. Is the donation tax-deductible?

A. Yes. The $350 donation check is made payable to Tri-Isle RC&D, our non-profit fiscal sponsor and they will provide a tax receipt. If you do not require a receipt for taxes (if you are not an US citizen, for instance), you can make the check payable to South Maui Volunteers directly. We will provide the mailing address as needed.

The main motivation for our group’s involvement with park benches is to help preserve the natural resources by directing park users off the dunes by providing more appropriate perches where magnificent views and the beach park may be enjoyed.

If you have any more questions, please use our contact form and we'll be happy to answer!

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