• Lis Richardson

Wedelia Removal at Kamaole II

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

The video shows the removal of invasive wedelia from the beach and revetment area on the ocean side of Hale Pau Hana on Kamaole II.

For the past few weeks, we have been working on the dunes at Kamaole II, north side and right below Hale Pau Hana to remove the invasive wedelia plants cascading down from the resort to cover the revetment rocks. They did a great job of that, however they are now invading the beach sands and suffocating the native plants. The wedelia forms a massive tangle of stems and they continue to root every foot or so. The project to remove all the wedelia from Hale Pau Hana will likely take several months.

The area in front of Royal Mauiian is almost as intensely overgrown with the wedelia and we will eventually get to that area as well. In between these two massive areas is a much more narrow property, Kihei Nalu Resort, which only has encroaching wedelia on each end of the property. Because Nalu borders the two properties with intense invasive growth of the wedelia, it will also soon be overtaken so we are eager to preserve this otherwise perfect example of what we are hoping to achieve. Nalu has a strong presence of native pohuehue (Beach Morning Glory) and that is the desired plant cover for all three areas.