• Lis Richardson

Hurricanes Iselle and Julio

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

The official Emergency Civil Defense notices indicate a Tropical Storm Warning for Maui County, as opposed to a 'Storm Watch'... this means there is every reason to believe that the storm will affect Maui County severely. Everyone is preparing as much as possible for Iselle to arrive, followed quickly by Julio.

We have cancelled workday for Monday August 11, which includes cancelling with the Kihei Charter School 6th, 7th, and 8th grade community service days (Monday and Thursday). Parks will likely close and we will need to wait until given permission before our group can help in cleaning up after the high surf and possible damage.

We all understand that mother nature can, and will, alter the dune pathways and walkovers we work constructed and maintain. That is to be expected. When it happens we just repair the damage and work with the Parks Dept. towards a longer term solution.

Concerning the dunes: We also know that a key value of dunes is that they help mitigate the damage that storms do to our shoreline. Not by creating fortresses to hold back the storm, but rather by growing these gentle dune faces that gladly give up their sand to waves early in a storm to dampen the energy of the larger waves by causing them to break further off shore. That dune sand, when pulled back to sea, causes drifts and sand-bars off shore that cause the large waves to break further away from the shoreline. Once the storm passes, sand returns over weeks and months to rebuild the dunes.

When asked about all of the sand washed from our beaches we have found this one paragraph helps explain to tourists how the sand dunes work to protect us from storm damage.