• Lis Richardson

Sponsor a Park Bench Program!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

There are still benches available for sponsorship at Kalama Park in Kihei. Some of those benches may be sponsored totally and others may be ‘shared benches’, where more than one party may sponsor them. Kalama Park is the large park with the whale statue, walking pathway, large play structure, multiple sports fields and tennis courts, and is favored by surf schools for lessons. The benches there are perfectly situated facing the ocean to view all the activities. There are also benches around the play structure which could be sponsored. For your donation, you will receive a personalized stainless plaque with your sentiments engraved. Commemorate an event or memorialize a loved one.

There are two new benches scheduled for installation at Kama’ole II, both to be designated as ‘shared’ benches. At this time, there are no more available benches at Kama’ole III.

The donation for total bench sponsorship is $850 and is for a period of 5 years, after which additional sponsors may be added to the bench unless the original donor wishes to fund an extension. The donation for designated ‘shared benches’ which will eventually have up to six stainless steel plaques placed per bench is $400.

Benches are the property of the Parks Department and there are no guarantees stated or implied concerning how long the bench or plaque may last. The donation helps sponsor the bench program and other projects benefiting the parks of Kihei.

Please see the home page attachment for more information or contact us! We look forward to helping you design your memorial plaque!