Over the years, many projects have been undertaken by South Maui Volunteers.  The photos below show a sampling, but if a need was identified that would help resolve or minimize erosion along the South Maui coastline, South Maui Volunteers would take action. 


Under the guidance and supervision of State, County, and Coastal Hazard Specialist through the UH Sea Grant program, sand fencing has been installed by volunteers in areas of blow-outs, for path designations, or wherever sand needs to collect.  The fencing is usually temporary until native plants can take over and do the same job of trapping the sand and building a healthy dune.  From the Kihei Boat Ramp, all the way north past the Maui Lu, sand fencing has been installed and is protecting and building the vital coastal dune areas.  Our job is to provide the volunteer labor to install the fencing in the designated areas.  If over-accretion of sand takes place in areas requiring drainage to the sea, such as at the Kaonoulu site, a plan is in place through Public Works to create a drainage path.

South Maui Volunteers are the builders of 6 dune walkovers.  There are three ADA walkovers, one at each of the Kamaole Beach Parks.  In addition, there are three non-ADA ramps that help the public with access to beach areas and avoiding eroding the delicate dune areas.

South Maui Volunteers also works regularly on vegetation control, clearing/creating pathways, park benches, and much more.   For more detail about specific workdays, please navigate to the Archived Newsletter section, or click here.

Removing Invasive Plants

Helping native plants thrive!